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Focus and Passion

It's awesome. It's going to change the world and I'm going to become rich because of it. No one is doing this and no one has done it. I'm a genius, I can't believe I'm the first.

All of the above? Bullshit. None of that actually matters.

Each and every day I come up with new ideas. I listen to other people's ideas and get a brief surge of inspiration to want to build something. It's in my nature. I'm curious about almost everything (and if I was a cat I'd surely be dead many times over). Many of my friends are the same way.

I want to constantly try new things, but every time I do I forget where I really am. I get distracted long enough that I forget why I started it in the first place and I totally blow off what I was working on.

This is a problem of focus.

Focus is immensely important. It seems that you can't really do too much without focusing on one thing. The more things I do at a time, the worse I am at each one. In order to tackle the focus problem, I have to tackle something even bigger. It's totally cliché. It's passion.

Passion helps you ignore everything else. Passion keeps you motivated and focused.

I've noticed that I have 49 domains and most of them are for different projects. I'm going to sell off 80% of them. They are preventing me from being able to focus. They are preventing me from being able to be passionate because my attention is all over the place. If I'm going to be passionate about something, I need to give it my all. I need to devote myself to it; I need to kick ass at it and be the best.

I noticed something when I sold everything and drove over 5,000 miles to California: the less you have, the better you take care of it. The same applies to focus. The less you have to focus on, the better you can focus on the things that you keep.

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I'm not a parent, but I do have part time kids. Three of them and a dog. If there were any more, it would be too hard for me to share my attention and care for the four of them. If there were less, then I could give each one more time. Each project you take on is like having another child or pet. The less you have, the more care you can give.