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You know, it's like a similar feeling I had when I was younger. I visited 17 boarding schools when I was only 14 years old. I was part of a hockey team that came up from Florida to visit the great boarding schools in the north east. We toured each and every campus and played against almost all of them within one week.

Seventeen places in one week and I wasn't sure where I wanted to go. Some places had amazing architecture and some had incredible views. There were buildings that inspired parts of Hogwarts and ice rinks that would make you drool in awe, but none of them stood out as the one I wanted to attend.

Then I visited one school in the outskirts of snowy Connecticut called Canterbury. Immediately, as I stepped foot on the campus in the below freezing temperatures, I got a warm feeling.

I wasn't sure what it was. It wasn't the photogenic buildings, incredible dining halls, and beautiful scenery (that certainly didn't hurt). There was something more important than those things. There was something bigger.

It was ineffable1. I couldn't explain it to anyone, but I knew this place was different.While I was walking around I had this feeling inside of me. It just felt right. It wasn't like the others. I remember they would brag about how many culinary chefs they had or the number of ivy league acceptance letters they've already received. None of that really phased me.

It felt like I was home like I was meant to be there.

Some of the others had bigger dorm rooms or better food, but Canterbury felt right. It felt nice and that's why I chose it.

And I'm starting to get that feeling again.

It's home.

1. Thanks Mrs. OmaƱa!

I learned so much more from there than any place, it was amazing. I always told them that I wanted to make a donation to the school. Sort of in my style (somewhat comical). They said whatever I would donate they would put my name on the building. I thought great, I'll donate a Shed!