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Moving RIT48 to the Fall

This is the full unedited letter I sent to the RIT48 team this year. I wanted to publicly share it so everyone has the opportunity to understand the decision.

This is not going to be the easiest decision or process, but I think it's for the best.

RIT48 is an incredible brand. The past 3 years have been amazing and the 4th year will be even better.

I've given it a lot of thought and the fall makes a lot of sense. Here's why:

  1. It's always been really hard to get sponsors for RIT48. I've always pitched RIT48 as an event that companies could use as recruiting tools and most companies of those have exhausted their budgets and efforts for recruiting. The fall is a perfect fit for this.
  2. The students are fresh. Some of them have just come out of co-op and others have just joined the school. They are actively pursuing new events and activities and I strongly believe this will help us build the RIT48 brand.
  3. People have energy in the fall. This is great especially for a high energy event such as RIT48.
  4. The weather isn't getting nicer and senior-itis hasn't set in yet.

If we are going to move RIT48 to the fall, this is the perfect time.

We have few participants and judges. I don't look at this as a negative but a positive. An opportunity for change. An opportunity for a new RIT48, a better RIT48.

Before we publicly announce such a change, we'll need to make a few things happen:

  1. Judges will need to be notified. Since we're only at 3 judges, it's a better problem to have now than if we had 5 or 6. I think if we let them know that we'd love to have him in the fall and we're preparing for a much bigger and better event, that things will be better and they'll understand.
  2. Sponsorship money: we want to find out if we can hold onto this until the fall.
  3. Current registrants should also be notified explaining the changes and why we've decided to move it to the fall. I think if they are to be future alumni, we should allow them to participate in the fall event.
  4. We'll have to cancel the room reservations. Might be a good time to reserve the rooms for the fall (if possible). This way we can not only get the Innovation center, but also guarantee the rooms that we want.

I really believe this is the best thing to do for RIT48.

What do you guys think? It's not going go be easy, but if we're honest and transparent, I strongly believe they'll believe in RIT48.

P.S. Your hard work hasn't gone unnoticed. We are insanely grateful for everything that you and everyone else has done for RIT48 and the betterment of the community, seriously, I can't thank you enough.